who am i?


in the suburbs of chicago, a non-binary 22 year old named skylar (or sky, or ky) found solace in the dark — in their bedroom crafting songs for hours on end. since having been gifted a midi keyboard and entry-level recording equipment some time ago, garageband had become their cathartic vessel.

the bleakness and creative isolation of these suburbs, though, have pushed ky past their limit. it was finally time for some change (and an overdue DAW upgrade). you can now find them creating in an apartment in nashville, tn.

when listening to skylvrs_dimension, you are accessing the most raw, unshielded form of skylar’s psyche. their thoughts, dreams and experiences of this reality are auralized out of their experimentation with elements of rock and digital electronic influence. ky’s unshielded vocals and impassioned lyricism explore even further into their perceptions of this world (and the one that is inside their head).

their overall sound incorporates features from cyberpunk, electro-industrial, spacewave and the likes. established musicians that sky is deeply inspired by include but are not limited to: yeule, Indigo de Souza, Björk, Underworld, and Imogen Heap.

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